1. We encourage our students to master the asanas and embrace the other seven limbs of yoga.

Understanding that we are more than physical beings, we realize that the mind suffering from stress or depression leads to taut muscles what can together be harmful. At our club we encourage our students to bind physical movements with rhythmic breaths to calm our nervous system, to let our muscles relax and enjoy doing yoga.

2. Meditation is an essential part of our daily classes.

We include Meditation into every class, breathing, using mantra, Guided, and Vipassana methods to catch negative thinking patterns and to develop a shift in our mind`s focus. Coping with stress we improve our ability to think, live and act from a more centered place. By creating this natural balance, we physically and emotionally feel better and just more comfortable.

3. Many men, many minds, many ages and needs

That is why each yoga program must be created carefully and individually. There are many yoga programs for any person and need. Let our yoga programs be your guide, creating a structured order to help you get the most out of classes. Each one of these programs has been designed to move you toward a special goal in an effective way.

4. Develop your skills.

Train your body with us. Everybody knows that yoga keeps you fit. Give up your daily fitness and open the real world of being in good shape not only with your body also with mind. The best coaches in the city will teach you how to hold your foot behind the head without holding it with hands?

5. Let your body and mind work together

Yoga influences not only your body but also the mind. It helps to lift your spirit and clear the mind. It is a common knowledge that many people suffer from depression and learn how to cope with this problem. With a help of yoga practice you let your body and mind become united and work together for your good. Yoga can create a wonderful sense of balance in your body, mind and spirit.