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Urdhva dhanurasana: Every morning I lift myself and stay in this pose for 5 or 6 breaths. Then I go down to my head and walk my hands closer to the feet and lift myself again. Today I decided to do some changes. go down on my head and lift up, then I walk my hands closer. But there is no support from the head and second hand. Only feet and one hand are on the floor right now. Shifting weight in this position is not that easy and the main goal is to come up. Everybody knows that each Friday is primary and it is OK at the end of the hard working or studying week. Pay attention to your body that is really exhausted and tired, make a practice safe! I really enjoyed practicing primary series and my favorite poses today. Such a pleasure!

Now you have an awesome opportunity to learn it! I think one must study is the asanas. But be very carefully and attentive while practicing. When a pose doesn't improve after let's say 3 years something goes wrong! Examples: You will get nothing but defeat after practicing handstand against the wall. It is a very wrong method to learn. Another example: I was wrapping my legs and making a thong when practiced laghu vajrasana. But my legs only got weaker and I could not come up after that. You must be really careful and learn something before doing new pose or discovering for youself new yoga exercise. But still, enjoy your yoga practice every day!

I still keep on talking about my back that keep on hurting me. How long is it going to last? Sometimes I have to take a pain killer. This is awful… Today I woke up before my alarm clock ringed. But I like it because I have more time for my morning routing. I call it “pre-yoga routine”: glass of water, shower, coffee etc. I really enjoy being on my own every morning while practicing yoga at home. I can not hear anything but my breath sound. Nothing distracts me. I feel so free and relax. This is what I enjoy the most. I do every thing soooo slowly, so my program is almost 3 hours now (when It was about 2). I do some extra asanas but I still have time for everything else after yoga practice.