1.Many men, many minds, many ages and needs

That is why each yoga program must be created carefully and individually. There are many yoga programs for any person and need. Choose the one for you!

2. Art of Living Yoga Level 1

Special for yoga beginners (14+ years), a program offers a perfect mix of body postures, resuscitating breathing approaches and meditations. With a help of this problem you can not only refresh your mind and let your body relax, also learn some approaches and techniques that can become very useful in your future life.

3. Sri Sri Natya

Did you ever wish to express yourself with movements of dance? This program gives you an opportunity to mix your yoga practice with a traditional Indian dance. A perfect chance to lose weight, become more confident and just distract from daily routine.

4. Sri Sri Tango

Learn yoga asanas and meditation with a famous tango dance! Get together with your family and enjoy dance yoga. Join us at the place where right people come together.

5. Art Excel

A special program for little beauties. Only kids aged between 8 and 13 years are able to take part in this classes where they can learn a hornbook of yoga with simple poses, breathing techniques and meditation without any school exam.

6. YES!

Short for Youth Empowerment Seminar, the program for teens (14-17 years) to teach them special exercises for healthy body and mind.

7. YES+

A program created for grown-ups aged between 18 and 30 years. We try to prepare young adults before real life conditions appear. We teach them to come over such problems as: stress, depression, prohibitions and peer pressure.

8. The Happiness Program

Created by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sudarshan Kriya a program serves as a mix of breathing techniques. Only people 18+ are able to participate and get a chance to get to know how to use their breathe to make life happier and simply better.